Jeep Compass Variants

The International Icon, Jeep®, Arrived in Thrissur

Since 1940, Jeep® has been synonymous with adventure. Born from the crucible of war, it became a symbol of resilience and capability. Today, the Jeep® spirit transcends borders, an international icon for those who crave freedom and conquer any challenge. This isn’t just a car. It’s a legacy passed down, a badge of honor for those who push beyond limits. Feel the primal thrill of untamed power. Each Jeep model is meticulously crafted to provide not only unparalleled performance but also a sense of security and confidence to conquer any terrain.

Why EVM Jeep Kerala?

EVM Jeep, your authorized destination for the legendary Jeep experience in Thrissur, Kerala. We take great pride in being more than just a dealership; we are the architects of unforgettable adventures. Our showroom is a gateway to a lifestyle of exploration and freedom. Jeep’s enduring legacy is deeply ingrained in every vehicle we offer. Whether you crave the power of the Wrangler, the versatility of the Compass, or the comfort of the Grand Cherokee, we have the perfect Jeep® to match your adventurous spirit. We invite you to discover the thrill of Jeep ownership with us.


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